The Beginnings

For nearly half a century, Drew Baldwin has been writing and performing music for audiences everywhere.  He began playing acoustic guitar and writing songs about the age of 12, started performing with his first band at 13, and was touring the south playing lead and bass guitar in a successful rock group by the age of 18.


The Harp Guitar

It was during this time in the late 70's that Drew saw guitarist Andy Wahlberg in a concert that would change his musical focus forever.  Andy played a vintage harp guitar, which featured 5 additional sub bass strings as well as the 6 strings of a typical acoustic guitar, and he played it masterfully.  After speaking with him after the show, Drew was convinced this would be the instrument that could best express his musical passions.  Little did he know, it would take another dozen years before he could find a harp guitar of his own.  (For more information on harp guitars, visit


"Bad" Drew Baldwin

Although he doesn't remember how he acquired the moniker "Bad Drew," it is unlikely related to any past performance or conduct (according to Drew's own account.)  In fact, Drew's love for music, people, and life in general is evidenced throughout his performances, as he shares his life experiences through his songs, which range from heartbreaking to hilarious.  He adeptly weaves bass lines with chords and melodies on his 100 year old Dyer harp guitar, and with his natural, unembellished vocals, Drew captivates his audience with his own unique flavor of vintage blues and jazz favorites. Show attendees are left feeling not only thoroughly entertained, but as if they have met a new, life-long friend.


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